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Portable Security Boxes

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  1. ESB-3 Sentry Security Safe

    Sentry ESB-3 Portable Security Case w/ Digital Lock & Key Override

    • The ESB-3 is a Sentry Portable Security Case. It has an easy to program and easy to use electronic lock. It comes with two override keys. EBS-3 electronic lock operates with 4AA batteries. This is an easy to carry small case.

    Compare At: $66.00
    Our Price: $44.31
    You Save: 32.86%

  2. P008E

    Sentry P008E Portable Security Box w/ Tether Cable, Digital Lock & Key Override

    • Steel tethering cable for increased security
    • Programmable electronic lock  with two user codes
    • Two override keys included
    • Steel tethering cable can be attached to any stationary item for increased security
    • Durable, solid steel construction
    • Lightweight and easy to transport
    • Compact size for portability
    • Easy grip handle
    • Soft interior lining protects
    • The SentrySafe exclusive Gentle Close hinge spring
    • Requires 4AA batteries (not included)
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    Compare At: $54.00
    Our Price: $34.94
    You Save: 35.30%

  3. P005C

    Sentry P005C Luggage Security Box w/ Tether Cable & Mechanical Lock

    • The Sentry P005C small security box is designed to be portable and fit easily in luggage or a brief case. The lock is a three wheel combination dial lock. While lightweight, is has a solid steel construction and is very durable. Included is a steel cable for securing the box when in a room or a car.

    Compare At: $33.00
    Our Price: $25.30
    You Save: 23.33%

  4. P005K

    Sentry P005 Luggage Security Box w/ Tethering Cable and Key Lock

    The Sentry P005K is a portable compact security case. This is a perfect case to cary with you where you want. It comes equipped with a key lock. It is large enough for important small objects like keys, wallets, cell phones. It comes with a steel tethering cable for added security.

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    Compare At: $33.00
    Our Price: $25.30
    You Save: 23.33%

4 Item(s)

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