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  1. Sentry SFW123BDC Biometric/Key Safe, 1 Hr Fire/Water/Impact & Boltable

    Sentry SFW123BDC Biometric/Key Boltable Water/Impact/1 Hr Fire Safe

    This biometric Sentry fire safe provides not only burglary protection but also fire, impact and water damage protection. The biometric Sentry fire safe has the Underwriters Laboratory 1 hr fire protection rating and impact rating in case the product falls through the floor during a fire. In addition, Energy Technology Laboratories has awarded this safe a water resistance label. The biometric lock allows for almost instant access and can be easily programmed to several fingerprints. For added protection this biometric Sentry fire safe has a dual lock. The person opening the safe must possess the key and insert that first before the fingerprint recognition pad can be used. This lock is versatile. If you prefer to use the electronic key pad instead that option is available to you.

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  2. SFW123CS Sentry Fire Safe

    Sentry SFW123CS Fire-Water-Impact Media Safe with Combo (Dial) Lock

    This Sentry safe provides great protection for both paper documents and media such as DVDs, CDs, and flash drives. WIth a UL 1 hour fire rating plus an ETL 1 hour fire rating, you have double protection for the contents of your safe. In addition, this model carries the ETL fire resistance label and the ETL impact resistance label. This is a combination lock fire safe with a multi-position shelf and key rack.

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  3. SFW123DEB Sentry Fire Safe

    Sentry SFW123DEB Fire-Water-Impact Media Safe Key/Combo Lock

    The Sentry SFW123DEB is dual lock safe. The safe is built with both a combination dial lock and key lock. Both are required to open this fire safe. The SFW123DEB provides multiple protection. The safe comes with a UL fire rating for documents, an ETL fire rating for media, and ETL water resistant rating and an ETL impact resistance rating. Interior features include a locking drawer, a multi-position shelf, key rack, door tray and door pocket.

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  4. SFW123GDC Sentry Fire Safe

    Sentry SFW123GDC Media Safe Fire-Water-Impact Safe Key/Digital Lock

    The Sentry Electronic Safe is designed to protect documents, digital media and other valuables from fire, water and theft. It has a one hour UL fire rating for fire protection plus an ETL one hour fire rating - this means the safe is rated to protect both documents and media such as DVDs for one hour in a fire. In addition, this fire safe carries a ETL impact rating which means in a 15 foot fall the fire safe did not break open.

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4 Item(s)

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