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  1. 4G3131 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentry 4G3131 4 Drawer File Cabinet with Fire/Water Protection

    This 31" Deep Legal file cabinet is protected against fire, explosions, water, and drops. Should disaster strike, your files, records, and valuables will be kept safe in this well manufactured safe. Available in three different colors, this cabinet has a high end appearance, a sturdy build, and fantastic security features. The drawers will accommodate both letter and legal size documents. This file comes with a complementary media chest, the Sentry 1100.

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  2. 4T3131 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentry 4T3131 4 Drawer Letter File Cabinet with Fire Rating

    This product has been discontinued, please see substitution products on Call us if you have questions.

    This vertical file cabinet has four drawers set up to hold letter size documents. The4T3131 four (4) drawer vertical cabinet comes set up for hanging file folders. The 4T3131 has triple protection for your important papers. It has a UL  one hour rating. It also is a UL impact rated safe. It was tested and survived a drop of 30 feet without the drawers breaking open. Finally, the 4T3131 has water passed the ETL test of one hour of water or sprinkler spray.

    Free Digital Media Chest!

    The Sentry 1100 digital media chest is included when you order this fire rated cabinet! Protect hard drives, discs, tapes, memory sticks, and other digital media in this 1/2 hour fire rated case!

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  3. Sentry 1856CN Fire-Impact Records Cabinet w/ Hi-Sec Medeco Key Lock

    Sentry 1856CN Fire-Impact Records Cabinet w/ Hi-Sec Medeco Key Lock

    This large Sentry 1856CN record cabinet comes standard with four adjustable shelves. Other accessories are available. This is a heavy duty safe with 1 hour fire protection, impact resistance, and explosion hazard protection all certified by UL, Underwriters laboratory. It has a high security Medeco key lock which is concealed by the attractive design of the cabinet.

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  4. DS0200 Sentry Fire Safe

    Sentry DS0200 High Temp Fire-Impact Media Safe Combo (Dial) Lock

    Sentry DS0200 come with an ETL 1 hour rating* for protection of CDs, Memory Sticks, and USB drives up to 1700F. Perfect for home and office.

    The DS0200 is UL Classified for up to 1 hour fire protection. It includes a 3-number combination lock and -- for extra protection -- is designed with four live-locking bolts. It can also be bolted to the floor (hardware included). The inside of the safe has a key rack and a compartment for small items.

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  5. OS0401 Sentry Fire Safe

    Sentry OS0401 Fire-Impact Media Safe Adjustable Tray, Key/Combo Lock

    This product has been discontinued and is out of stock, please see bottom of product detail page for suggested replacements.

    The SentrySafe OS0401 safe provides "around-the-clock" protection against theft and fire, keeping your important data and electronic records safe and secure. The door has 4 live-action locking bolts and a 3-number combination lock. Organization is made easy with a key rack, door pocket and mulit-position tray for small items and letter size papers. Folders and binders can be laid flat.

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  6. SFW123CS Sentry Fire Safe

    Sentry SFW123CS Fire-Water-Impact Media Safe with Combo (Dial) Lock

    This Sentry safe provides great protection for both paper documents and media such as DVDs, CDs, and flash drives. WIth a UL 1 hour fire rating plus an ETL 1 hour fire rating, you have double protection for the contents of your safe. In addition, this model carries the ETL fire resistance label and the ETL impact resistance label. This is a combination lock fire safe with a multi-position shelf and key rack.

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  7. SFW123DEB Sentry Fire Safe

    Sentry SFW123DEB Fire-Water-Impact Media Safe Key/Combo Lock

    The Sentry SFW123DEB is dual lock safe. The safe is built with both a combination dial lock and key lock. Both are required to open this fire safe. The SFW123DEB provides multiple protection. The safe comes with a UL fire rating for documents, an ETL fire rating for media, and ETL water resistant rating and an ETL impact resistance rating. Interior features include a locking drawer, a multi-position shelf, key rack, door tray and door pocket.

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  8. SFW123GDC Sentry Fire Safe

    Sentry SFW123GDC Media Safe Fire-Water-Impact Safe Key/Digital Lock

    The Sentry Electronic Safe is designed to protect documents, digital media and other valuables from fire, water and theft. It has a one hour UL fire rating for fire protection plus an ETL one hour fire rating - this means the safe is rated to protect both documents and media such as DVDs for one hour in a fire. In addition, this fire safe carries a ETL impact rating which means in a 15 foot fall the fire safe did not break open.

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  9. QE5541 Sentry 2 Hour Fire Safe

    Sentry QE5541 2 Hr Fire Safe with USB Data Backup and Digital Lock

    The world's first and only fire and water resistant safe that provides USB powered connectivity to iPods, digital camer, flash drives and more.  Allows users to backup data using their own 2 1/2" storage device.  Protects up to 72 CD's and DVD's.  Users connect to their laptop or desktop via the external USB port. This safe comes with two hour fire protection and impact resistance protection. The lock is a dual lock: LCD electronic back lit keypad and tubular key lock. Key required for every opening.

    The estimated delivery time will be approximately 3 - 5 weeks from the time of order.

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    Our Price: $615.67
    You Save: 35.19%

  10. EF4738E Sentry Executive Safe

    Sentry EF4738E Boltable Executive Fire-Water Safe with Digital Lock

    The Sentry EF4738 Executive Safe is designed to offer fire and burglary protection to important documents and valuables. In addition, this safe has earned an ETL water resistance label. The EF4738 Executive safe comes with an easy-to-program and easy-to-use electronic lock. The interior includes carpeting and 3 multi-position shelves.

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Items 31 to 40 of 137 total

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