Sentry Water Resistant Testing

Water Resistance Testing
Fire-Safe Advanced Business and Home/Office Safes are water-resistant to protect contents from water damage.

The Quality Department has subjected our water-resistant safes to the following conditions:

tested for 15 minutes with up to 1,000 gallons of water spray
tested for 1 hour standing in 6 inches of water

PLEASE NOTE: because these safes are designed to keep water out, their tight seal also keeps humidity in. They come with a desiccant pack to keep in the safe to help protect against humidity. If you chose to store delicate items such as jewelry with working parts, watches, stamps or photos in your safe, Sentry recommends putting them in an air-tight container, prior to placing them in the safe for storage. Do not store pearls in safes. They are organic and need to breathe. These safes are not designed for guns or pistols.


Water Proof Testing
The Sentry Model 7250 Floor Safe is waterproof when installed according to the waterproof instructions and the waterproof lid is secure. Products were completely submersed, with up to 2 inches of water above the uppermost surface, for one hour. The amount of water entering the unit was no more than 0.5 grams (8 drops).