UL Fire Impact Test

All the Sentry 2 hour home/business safes have fire and impact ratings. In a fire, a floor can burn out from under a safe. The safe will fall a floor and crash. The impact rating ensures that the safe door will not come open in this situation. Below is a description of the impact testing done by UL, Underwriters Laboratory.


Sentry Safe fire-safe branded products are heated to 1550F (843C) or 1638F (892C) depending on the model. The product is dropped 15 or 30 feet onto rubble. It is then cooled, inverted and reheated to 1550F(843C) or 1638F(892C) for 1/2 hour. To pass, the safe must remain intact and locked, with an interior temperature below 350F(177C).

[at temperatures about 350F, papers char]