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Sentry Waterproof Safes

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  1. Sentry Floor Safe 7250

    Sentry 7250 Waterproof/Potentially Fire Proof Floor Safe w/ Combo Lock

    The Sentry floor safe model 7250 is an excellent way to conceal valuables and cash. Because it will be installed in a floor, Sentry's engineers made sure it was waterproof. If this floor safe is installed in concrete, the concrete offers fire protection. It has a four number combination lock and double locking bolts for extra security.

    The Sentry Model 7250 Floor Safe is waterproof when installed according to the waterproof instructions and the waterproof lid is secure. Products were completely submersed, with up to 2 inches of water above the uppermost surface, for one hour. The amount of water entering the unit was no more than 0.5 grams (8 drops).

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  2. OA5848 Sentry 2 Hour Fire Safe

    Sentry OA5848 2 Hour Fire and Water Resistant Safe with Dual Lock

    The Sentry OA5848 comes with a UL 2 Hour Rating for not only valuables and important papers but also for CDs, DVDs, Memory Sticks and USB Driver. You will enjoy the added protection of a water resistance rating.The Advanced LCD electronic lock system has a backlit keypad. It is programmable for 6 users who can chose and program their own PIN. The manager always has override capability.

    • Allows (7) users: (1) manager with program override capability and (6) additional users
    • Each user has individual PIN
    • PINS may be created using 5-8 digits
    • 5 digit factory access code is set when shipped
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  3. QE5541 Sentry 2 Hour Fire Safe

    Sentry QE5541 2 Hr Fire Safe with USB Data Backup and Electronic Lock

    The world's first and only fire and water resistant safe that provides USB powered connectivity to iPods, digital camer, flash drives and more.  Allows users to backup data using their own 2 1/2" storage device.  Protects up to 72 CD's and DVD's.  Users connect to their laptop or desktop via the external USB port. This safe comes with two hour fire protection and impact resistance protection. The lock is a dual lock: LCD electronic back lit keypad and tubular key lock. Key required for every opening.

    The estimated delivery time will be approximately 3 - 5 weeks from the time of order.

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3 Item(s)

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